Never Stop Learning !!!

Learning something new is very important in life. But the thing is that as we grew old we just stop learning. We think that now we are old enough to understand everything and we continue living the same routine life in which we get ready for work and then come back home that’s it.

But is that really true ?? Do we have an understanding of everything ??

NO !! Why ??

Because we are humans not robots that everything is already feeded in our mind. There is a necessity for us to learn something from everyone no matter what how mature and old we are, a small child can also teach you many things and most importantly he can teach you how to be happy in this moment.

Guys never ever stop learning because once you have stopped learning you will remain as it is as you are, the same version of yours will leave this world.

And for this reason we are not in this world you have to attain the highest potential of yourself, so that you can become an advanced version of yourself. Learning something new will make you happy, confident and irreplaceable with someone. So never ever stop learning.

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Power Of Acceptance

There are so many things that happen in our day to day lives and sometimes we face big challenges like failure. What we do to move on is we just try to run away from the situation rather than accepting the fact that it had happened.

I have also done same things in my past but now I’ve realised one thing that is if we want to surely move on from a situation we have to accept the situation and then only we can move on from it.

Once you will accept it maybe it is your failure, heartbreak or maybe any situation you will surely move on from it.

Firstly you have to accept it, secondly you have to learn from it and lastly after learning and accepting you have to move on from it so that you can concentrate on your present moment rather than thinking about your past.

Acception is what this moment dictates you to do, so don’t try to run away from it accept the situation, learn from it and then move on.

Power of acceptance is much bigger than you think it can solve all your problems but the thing is that you have to realise the power of acceptance then see how everything changes.

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Self Motivation :- The hidden spark.

In the language of internet self motivation means “Ability to do what needs to be done without influence from other people.”

Self motivation is very important. For achieving something or converting your dreams into your goals you need self motivation.

Self motivation is a spark which is hidden inside you, it is a spark which comes from inside. Self motivation is the characteristic of successful, independent and strong people.

By strong I don’t mean being strong from outside no I mean being strong from inside. Being strong from inside means you have control on yourself.

When you will have this power of self motivation you can achieve anything; anything means anything that too with flying colours.

We all have infinite powers inside us . But the thing is we never realise our capacities, our strengths and one of this strength is self motivation.

Just believe in yourself, explore yourself how many strengths are hidden inside you. Find yourself and attain the highest potential of yourself.

You can do everything. Do not underestimate yourself. Motivate yourself to fight because you are a warrior.

And a warrior never ever stop he always fights for himself.


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Turn Your Dreams Into Goals !!!

So we all have all sorts of dreams like some people want to be rich, some people want to be famous on social media platforms and bloggers like us want to increase traffic on their respective websites.

So we all have dreams there is a difference between dreams and goals.

Dreams are those for which you are not working right now.

Goals are made of proper planning, execution and consistency in your respective dream.

To convert your dream into your goal you have to put all your effort. Goals are like if at the end of this year you want ‘X’ amount of money in your account.

Now firstly it was your dream and now you started working for your dream and this dream now becomes your goal.

If you want to fulfill your dreams then you have to convert them into your goals and have to make them your first priority.

Come on guys wake up!!! Time is limited you have to work hard to achieve greatly.

“Time for action is now. Turn your dreams into your goals and then into reality.”

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‘ I don’t have enough time.’

‘ I will do this tomorrow.’

Do we make these kinds of excuses everytime when we have to work for something or we have to put enough effort for something.

I am correct !!!

We all say these kinds of things to ourselves and we also do this when we face failures. We start giving excuses to ourselves like

‘ Paper was very tough.’

‘ Paper came out of syllabus.’

And rather than accepting our mistakes we just give excuses to ourselves and everyone. Is this is the solution to the particular problem??

No it is not you have to stop this habit of giving excuses to yourself then only you can achieve something greatly.

And now you will ask how we will do this??

1. Organise your priorities

The very first thing that you have to do is to set your priorities like if at this point of time your career is very important then your first priority should be your career.

By organising your priorities you can tell yourself that this particular thing comes first in my life and if I experienced failure in this thing then it would be my mistake. I will not blame any other thing.

So this you have to think which is your first priority in your life.

2. Step out of your Comfort zone

You have to get out of your comfort zone and you have to work for your priorities. You have to focus on your mistakes rather than giving excuses.

Like if you are very lazy and that comes in front of you and your priorities then come out of it work day and night and boycott your laziness.

So guys giving excuses will not make you successful so stop giving excuses to yourself and work for your priorities. If you want to achieve greatly then you have to get rid of this habit.

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Enjoy The Moment

What do you mean by enjoying the moment??

Enjoying the moment doesn’t mean that you are doing something funny or partying. No!!

It means engaging yourself completely in the present rather than thinking about your past or worrying for your future.

When you will engage yourself in present then you will be completely focusing on your present and when you will do this , this will make your future better and your past memorable.

One of the “mantra” of highly successful people is this only.

“So live in the moment completely so that you can make your future better and your past memorable.”

If someone is talking with you then listen and talk with him not physically but mentally also. By mentally I mean that we are present in the moment physically but mentally we are somewhere else.

So to achieve peace of mind you should start practicing enjoying the present moment.

So guys I thought of posting the next blog on Monday but I was not having enough patience for Monday so I have posted today only.

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“Family and teenagers” :- A relationship that is very important

So guys today we will talk about family and teenagers. As your child hits the teenage there are many problems that arises.

When the child hits teenage there are many changes that are going on in your child like physical, emotional, mental and hormonal. When all these changes arise they all leads to so many problems.

First we will discuss about problems and then their solutions.

Problems that arise due to teenage

1. Family conflicts

So the first thing that arises are the family conflicts now as your child is growing up he/she has a different way of pursuing things and this different thinking between family and children leads to conflicts.

Which are not good for both family and the children.

2. Inner struggle

This is very important. There are many changes going on in your child so he/she is struggling with all this. That’s why the children become aggressive. There are so many pressure on a child like peer pressure, studies, relationships and sometimes it can be sexual pressure also.

Your child is fighting from so many things from inside.

These are the main problems that occur there may be many more but these one’s are very important.

Solutions to the problems

1. Connection

The first and the most important step is develop a strong connection between you and your child. Your child needs you he/she needs a support. He is struggling he needs you.

Build a connection that if something bad happens to your child then he/she can approach you without any hesitation. Remember if he/she will not approach he will go to someone else and that can be harmful for your child.

2. Family time

Do you talk with your children about each and everything??

Do you sit with them daily and talk with them about important things in life??

If you do then its good but if you don’t then please sit with your children they need your time. They need your love. They do not know about life they need you. So please sit with your child daily.

3. Responsibility

Give some daily tasks to your child. Tell them do their own tasks by themselves. Give them some responsibilities so that they can feel mature.

Your children are thinking that they are big so give them some responsibilities.

4. Celebrate their accomplishments

Celebrate your child’s small small achievements as they are children only they will become happy by this only.

Motivate them become happy when they achieve something what happened if the achievements are small it’s completely ok.

5. Give them their space

Yes this is also important give them their own space there are many things in there life so don’t interfere in all the things as they are also humans they also need their self space.

But ya do have a check that with whom they are hanging out what they are doing etc..

So these were the steps to overcome the problems of teenage. I know this wasn’t motivational but I thought this topic is very important.

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STRESS :- A Major Problem

Hey guys

So today I am going to write about a topic which is very important for all of us.

Stress in teenagers and adults and how can we overcome that.

So stress , anxiety and depression in teens and in adults is most common in these days. Many people name these symptoms of stress and anxiety as hormonal fluctuations , and ignore them.

But as we all know that stress and anxiety can lead to depression and various other diseases.

So first of all if your child is suffering from these symptoms please do not ignore them.

So now how can we overcome stress in teenagers as well as in adults also.



So now first step is to identify the problem . About which thing the particular person is stressed.

. For eg : a person can be stressed about their results in a particular exam. A person can be stressed because of studies.


By understanding I mean that you are taking your work or your studies as a load on yourself. You should not take it as a load , you should take it lightly.

You should enjoy your work. It is also a part of your life.


Focus on yourself guys it is very important if you want to lead a stress free life.

Engage in some activity like painting , dancing , singing etc..

Find your strengths and focus on that that will help you gain confidence.


Guys this is also very important after doing all this if you feel that you are suffering from stress then talk to someone. May it be your family , friend or whom you feel comfortable.

Just speak it out whichever thing is making you stressed.


If you didn’t feel like talking to someone you can simply just get over from them.

When you are feeling stressed just do something that you love to do.

May it be dance , singing etc..

Release your anger your emotions there you will feel relaxed.


Sometimes time comes when we don’t have any solution to the problem so in that case just simply let it go. Don’t overthink that . Take it easy.


Yes it is very important. Especially for a student and most importantly for a teenager.

Mediation relieves stress. It makes you more calm and focused.

Do 15min of mediation each day and you will see difference after some time.


Yes this is also very important if you will eat healthy your body will function properly and you will feel good and confident.

Getting enough sleep is also very important. Sleep also relieves stress but not more than 9hours.

So guys this was all for today. I know this was not so motivational but as I thought that this topic is necessary nowadays that’s why I had written. My next blog will be surely motivational.

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FAILURE- Friend of success

Failure now what exactly is failure if you will search online you will get:-

Failure is a state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective”

But I will say that failure is the friend of success. Failure makes us strong from inside. It makes us resistant to many difficult situations of our life.


Yes that’s the very important step there are three types of people who pursue failures in different ways:-

  1. Some people rather than learning from it ,just sit in a corner and cry that why failure has come to me.
  2. Second category is of people who skip the main part after crying they do not analyse their mistakes and just move on these category is very prone to failure.
  3. Third category is very important they are the people who firstly cry enough and then they do deep analysis of their mistakes and they make sure then next time they will never repeat those mistakes again and then they move on.

And guys third category people can only achieve greatly ………


So that’s all for today hope you like it. Thanks for reading and please do follow my blog and ask questions if you have any from me anytime I will surely answer.