Is Anger Really Bad ??

So heyy guys what’s up hope you are doing well. Today we’ll talk about anger. In the language of internet anger means a “strong uncomfortable and hostile response on a perceived provocation”. Tough language right !!!

First of all let me clear you that anger is not an unhealthy emotion it is a healthy emotion. We all are human beings we have different kinds of emotions and these emotions only make us a human.

Now I’ll come to the question that is anger really bad ?

So the answer is A BIG NO !!!

Guys anger is not bad. Aggression is bad, there is a difference between aggression and anger. But you know where the problem comes, it comes when we express our anger in a wrong direction rather than using it in a correct direction.

When we become angry what do we do, either we just start yelling at someone or we just express it on things like cushions, wall etc. Anger can be of any type it might be because of a heartbreak, failure etc.

The thing is, we have to express our anger on something which can be productive for us. Like if you are angry because of a heartbreak. So there are so many things that are going on inside you. You don’t have an idea how much energy is there inside you at that point of time.

You can use this energy in a productive way, you can bring out all your anger on a piece of paper. You can write something. Release your anger on a thing which can make you more and more better day by day.

Keeping your emotions, your feelings, your frustration inside yourself is not good. Not now, but it can lead to many problems in future like anxiety, depression etc. So never ever think that anger is bad. Anger can be good if you’ll use it in a correct way.

So guys these were my views regarding anger. Be free to give your views and ask your queries if you have.

Thank you for reading this article.

Love you all..



Practical Person v/s Emotional Person :- What to practice ??

In the language of internet a practical person seems to be a realist whereas an emotional person seems to be a person subjected to strong states of emotion.

So I have seen many people telling “be a practical person ” or “stop being a emotional person”. And when people encounters with a practical person they say that “show a little emotions man” etc.

I think that you all have heard these kinds of things from people.

What I think is that a person shouldn’t be 100% practical nor 100% emotional, a person should be sensible enough to sense when to act practical and when to act emotional.

I know being a practical person is good it makes you realistic but emotional intelligence is also required with practical intelligence if you want to achieve greatly.

A person should know when to use his practical intelligence, when to use emotional one and when to use both of them. Do not listen to people what they say to you that’s not important, important is that what you make yourself.

Both type of intelligence is important in a person’s both personal as well as proffessional life. This whole world is practical but emotions displays that you are alive in this world as a human being.

Be a sensible person who can sense when to use his practical intelligence and when to use his emotional intelligence. Don’t be too practical or too emotional, use both of them.

So guys these were my views for a practical and an emotional person. Hope you have understood. Be free to give your views. I love to read your opinions.

Thank you for reading this article.

Love you all….



Self Motivation :- The hidden spark.

In the language of internet self motivation means “Ability to do what needs to be done without influence from other people.”

Self motivation is very important. For achieving something or converting your dreams into your goals you need self motivation.

Self motivation is a spark which is hidden inside you, it is a spark which comes from inside. Self motivation is the characteristic of successful, independent and strong people.

By strong I don’t mean being strong from outside no I mean being strong from inside. Being strong from inside means you have control on yourself.

When you will have this power of self motivation you can achieve anything; anything means anything that too with flying colours.

We all have infinite powers inside us . But the thing is we never realise our capacities, our strengths and one of this strength is self motivation.

Just believe in yourself, explore yourself how many strengths are hidden inside you. Find yourself and attain the highest potential of yourself.

You can do everything. Do not underestimate yourself. Motivate yourself to fight because you are a warrior.

And a warrior never ever stop he always fights for himself.


Thanks for reading this article.

Love you all…..



How To Fight With Your Obsession

In the language of internet obsession means “An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes a person’s mind.”

Obsession can be of anything it can be of a person , a thing etc.

I am writing this because I have experienced it and it is like a addiction only of someone or something. So first all you are normal don’t stress about it. It was really important to talk about this because excess of anything is harmful.

So let’s start how to fight with your obsession.

1. Accept it

The very first step is to accept that you have a obsession of someone or something. The real problem we don’t accept it and that is the reason it conquers our mind.

If you have a obsession of a game then accept it. If you have obsession of a person may it be a girl , a guy or a celebrity just accept it.

2. Get away from it

Secondly just maintain a physical distance from your reason of obsession. Do not interact with it. Just cut off all the ways of seeing that person or the thing.

For eg :- If you are obsessed by a mobile game then uninstall it from your phone. If you are obsessed with a person stop talking with him/her , unfollow that person from all the social media accounts.

I know it will be tough but if you have to fight with your obsession then you have to do it. But after sometime you will feel like checking the social media or talking with him/her just one last time , so please avoid it and be strong.

3. Distract yourself

Yes after maintaining a physical distance from the person or thing thoughts ran in our mind. In order to control this start doing something different. Like when the thoughts come just do something like dance or talk with someone, you can exercise , meditate etc….

4. Develop your personality

Yes love yourself do something new each day and make yourself better day by day . Improve your personality. Engage with other people . Build strong relationships with other people.

Achieve the highest potential of yourself.

5. Free your mind

Free your mind by all the random thoughts that come. Be in the moment and do not think about any other thing. Like if you are doing your work then engage yourself in the work completely do not think about any other thing.

Be a person that everyone wants. This whole life , full of opportunities is waiting for you. Don’t stop in life just go with it.

So guys this was all for today and this can happen to anyone of any age because it is not about obsessing a person it can be of any particular thing.Obsession can happen to anyone. After all these steps if you think that it is not working then you can consult a therapist. Do not feel guilty or shy about it because it’s completely normal to consult a therapist.

I hope you will fight with your obsession. Thanks for reading.

Love you all…