‘ I don’t have enough time.’

‘ I will do this tomorrow.’

Do we make these kinds of excuses everytime when we have to work for something or we have to put enough effort for something.

I am correct !!!

We all say these kinds of things to ourselves and we also do this when we face failures. We start giving excuses to ourselves like

‘ Paper was very tough.’

‘ Paper came out of syllabus.’

And rather than accepting our mistakes we just give excuses to ourselves and everyone. Is this is the solution to the particular problem??

No it is not you have to stop this habit of giving excuses to yourself then only you can achieve something greatly.

And now you will ask how we will do this??

1. Organise your priorities

The very first thing that you have to do is to set your priorities like if at this point of time your career is very important then your first priority should be your career.

By organising your priorities you can tell yourself that this particular thing comes first in my life and if I experienced failure in this thing then it would be my mistake. I will not blame any other thing.

So this you have to think which is your first priority in your life.

2. Step out of your Comfort zone

You have to get out of your comfort zone and you have to work for your priorities. You have to focus on your mistakes rather than giving excuses.

Like if you are very lazy and that comes in front of you and your priorities then come out of it work day and night and boycott your laziness.

So guys giving excuses will not make you successful so stop giving excuses to yourself and work for your priorities. If you want to achieve greatly then you have to get rid of this habit.

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Love you all..



‘EXAMS’:- Is it the final destination??

So hello intelligent people!!!

As you all have seen the title of this post now you must be knowing that today we will talk about exams.

So we all have given many exams in schools , in colleges etc. I am still giving exams because I am still a student.

In exams may it be a school exam , a competitive exam or exams in a college when the word exam comes in our mind we all get nervous. And when the report card comes with a ‘pass’ tag on it we all become happy.

But when a ‘fail’ tag comes then??

Everyone just starts telling you that

“Oh my God you have failed.”

“See sharma ji ‘s son he has got 99% what you have done.”

And all this just goes on and we start taking all these things and our results on our heart and started feeling shame about that.


As you have failed or got a less percentage in your exams doesn’t mean that you have failed in your biggest exam.

“The biggest exam , the exam of life is still going on and that exam will decide who you will become.”

Guys yesterday when I was searching for a topic then I have seen the video of a motivational speaker . He is my favourite speaker and he has told a very beautiful thing:-

Imagine that a cricket match is going on and there is no one in the ground no wickets , no boundary , no fielders , nothing, there are only two people first is you, the batsman and second life, the bowler which is throwing balls of opportunities to you and you have to decide on which ball you have to hit a sixer.

First ball came it was very fast you left that ball , second comes this also you left then third and there are endless balls. Nobody can declare you “out” once you have decided that you have to leave the ground.

Guys this is life full of opportunities coming to you, you have to decide which one you have to grab.

What has happened if you have failed to grab some opportunities life gives you endless opportunities.

I will request to parents that please be a support of your child your child needs your support. Do not force your children just walk beside them so that when they fall you are there for them.

“Life is a ocean of opportunities do not stick over the one if one goes the other is waiting for you focus on the next and learn from the past and you will surely grab the next one.”

So guys thanks for giving your precious time for reading my blog and ya thanks for showing response to my blog.

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Remember when you were small you all must be having some dreams that we have to become rich , we have to do something like him/her and so on..

But as we grew up something started developing in our minds and we name it as fear or “dar”. And we started going far away from our dreams which we have seen in our childhood.

We just broke all are dreams , all our ambitions because of fear of society, people, relatives, parents…etc


Because of this fear . You broke the dreams , your promises which you have given to yourself in your childhood.

That child is crying from inside but your fear suppress his voices. The voices which comes from your heart.

Guys please do not suppress your inner voice. Choose your path from your mind , heart and soul. Do not fear from failure because “Failure is the friend of success.”

Fall , fall a thousand times but get up with more energy and power without any fear of failure , without any fear of society , without any fear of “Log kya kahenge.”

Because that small child needs you


So guys I hope this will be a doze of motivation for you. And thank you for showing response to my blog.

Love you all …



FAILURE- Friend of success

Failure now what exactly is failure if you will search online you will get:-

Failure is a state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective”

But I will say that failure is the friend of success. Failure makes us strong from inside. It makes us resistant to many difficult situations of our life.


Yes that’s the very important step there are three types of people who pursue failures in different ways:-

  1. Some people rather than learning from it ,just sit in a corner and cry that why failure has come to me.
  2. Second category is of people who skip the main part after crying they do not analyse their mistakes and just move on these category is very prone to failure.
  3. Third category is very important they are the people who firstly cry enough and then they do deep analysis of their mistakes and they make sure then next time they will never repeat those mistakes again and then they move on.

And guys third category people can only achieve greatly ………


So that’s all for today hope you like it. Thanks for reading and please do follow my blog and ask questions if you have any from me anytime I will surely answer.