Don’t be too serious !

I hope my people are good. So in our day to day lives don’t you think that we take everything so seriously. From our work till falling asleep.

You know why children are so happy and cheerful that’s because they don’t take everything so seriously. They keep on doing their tasks.

Stop taking everything so seriously people ! Life becomes tough. It’s a journey to be fully enjoyed even in your bad times you should be light. They are a part of our lives.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed not a race to be won.

Prakriti Verma

Thank you for reading this article.



7 thoughts on “Don’t be too serious !

  1. So you left Quora, actually I don’t use Instagram, but somehow git the link of your blog,
    you are too strong to be moved by such petty trollers.
    Why don’t you comeback and give a befitting reply to all of them out there!


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