People come and People Go !

Heyy people what’s up. Hope you all are doing well. So here I am with another post. Not consistent but you all can understand that my schedule doesn’t allow. I will but after sometime.

As we are social beings so we interact with so many people in our day to day lives. Some are casual ones and some are special ones.

Special ones include your best friend, your partner, your family and maybe someone who shares a unique bond with you.

Now, we get attached to people. But once they leave, the major effect is on us. We get hurt. We keep hoping for that day when they will be back. But this happens in rare cases. Once people are gone they are gone. Only some will be back.

We are used to of their presence. One major thing that you should keep in mind is “People come and people go”

See there are so many beautiful souls around the world. You will meet endless of people in your life. Why to stick and regret on one. Just move on from them.

I know moving on is very difficult but not impossible. You can move on from someone. May it be anyone.

Now the question how we will. So there are different ways for everyone. Some people like me can move on by themselves without uttering a word to someone.

Some people need a help for moving on. But the process starts from spending time with yourself. Where you discover yourself, where you love yourself.

Start it now don’t stop your beautiful life because of someone. You deserve more better and more beautiful souls in your life. And they will come to you by themselves. But for that you have to move on from old ones and you have to write another beginning.

“People come and people go but you should always go with the flow.”

Haha ! Have you noticed I have made a rhyme here. I’m glad 😭

Jokes apart !!

Well, I just tried to inspire you to move on from different people. Hope you will understand.

You are free to share your views and opinions.

That’s all thank you for reading my article !

Love you all ❀️



16 thoughts on “People come and People Go !

  1. Mathew Philip says:

    The first time I have faced the pain of separation was when mom died 2 years died… During this time my friends helped me to survive from this shock, eventhough I am not fully survived I decided to move because I believed my friends would be there to help… But when the time passed we were also separated by completing the college.. All of us have moved on with their lives… and slowly most of us have forget our past life.. To me it was another shock… most of didn’t pick up the when I call. But still I am optimistic. Our friendship will be reloaded..but what ever happens life will go on…

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  3. Nimish says:

    People come People go poetry stays πŸ˜€

    loved it … πŸ™‚

    Some people need a help for moving on. But the process starts from spending time with yourself. Where you discover yourself, where you love yourself…one huundred percent correct

    Always remember friend Selflove is the greatest Middle finger of all time πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ stay happy

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