Love to loathe!

Love is a journey of heartbreak, in which two people get on the boat of love in search of happiness and end up bearing unbearable sadness

My heart said “let’s fall in love again.” But my mind replied, “beware! Your efforts are again going in vain.”

I was confused between mind and heart then I decided to follow the path given by heart. I started sailing on that boat but deep inside I knew there can be storms anytime in this sea of love. It will make me fall from my boat.

I was sailing in my boat blindly and here those goons of betrayal and sadness stepped on my boat silently.

I was weak inside and I guess that’s why they thrown me aside. My feelings gotta go. And now I know love is the journey which can make me self loathe.

Thank you so much for reading this article. Love you all ♥️



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