It’s strenuous !!

I want to get away from myself,

I am dumbstruck,

In this heartless world

How people turn from their words

Thoughts wander around, mind dry and sore

You know I guess what

Love doesn’t love me anymore

I don’t know how to accept

But that’s what I choose to forget

I don’t want to hate myself

But in this scenario

I don’t get how to love myself

My heart is still worrying

But my mind is constantly saying that stop overthinking

How do I get rid of this feeling

When I already know,

I am constantly walking on the path of self loathing

Please stop ! I don’t wanna hate myself

I always try to explain my mind

And my mind replies,

It is hard to love yourself”

I am trying to accept

But deep down, I know my mind will reject

The feelings got to go

But now I wondered that

It’s myself that I loathe

My mind is constantly loathing

But now I know

The only way to live happily is by loving

I will discover myself again

And this time I know,

My effort will not go in vain.

Today I tried something new ! I tried to explain you that it is difficult to accept yourself and love yourself but at the end you have to do it.

This will take much effort but if you will overcome these barriers then you will get back your beautiful life.

That’s all be free to share your views and opinions.

Love you all ❤️



Just Be Yourself :- You are the best!!

So when it comes to be yourself or love yourself or about uniqueness then a problem comes that is our society, our social lives, our family, friends and even our love partner.

We all just stuck in a trap to be someone else that we are actually not and try to please everyone and forget ourselves that who we are and why we are…..

Guys just stop doing this to yourself just be yourself. Don’t try to be that, that you are not. You are different, your personality is different, you are unique.

Remember when you were 9 or 10 years old do you ever feared of anything??

Do you ever noticed what the other people are telling about you??

Answer is NO!!

But as we grew up fear of being judged by someone, a fear of being bullied by someone develops in our mind and we become that person which we are really not and just lose ourselves in this trap.

Be happy with yourself and stop being perfect. Sometimes it’s good to be imperfect. Accept yourself who you are and why you are. Focus on yourself, your goals, your purpose of life.

‘Just being yourself is one of the greatest strength of yours. “

Guys I have accepted this fact that I’m imperfect. I am not perfect in everything and I also don’t try to be. I am also practicing this everyday that I have to be myself and focus on myself.

I was a matter of joke to everyone in my school because of my way of pursuing things and my personality. I used be like alone and people used to call me ‘nerd’ and that’s the reason I don’t have friends and previously I used to feel bad about it but I have accepted the fact that I’m like this only and I am trying to improve also. Now I am trying to talk with people and meet new people.

So guys rather than thinking and being so called perfect for everyone just be you and be happy with yourself because this will help you achieve your goals it will give you confidence. Improve yourself and learn something new each day.

Thank you for reading this article.

Love you all…



Enjoy The Moment

What do you mean by enjoying the moment??

Enjoying the moment doesn’t mean that you are doing something funny or partying. No!!

It means engaging yourself completely in the present rather than thinking about your past or worrying for your future.

When you will engage yourself in present then you will be completely focusing on your present and when you will do this , this will make your future better and your past memorable.

One of the “mantra” of highly successful people is this only.

“So live in the moment completely so that you can make your future better and your past memorable.”

If someone is talking with you then listen and talk with him not physically but mentally also. By mentally I mean that we are present in the moment physically but mentally we are somewhere else.

So to achieve peace of mind you should start practicing enjoying the present moment.

So guys I thought of posting the next blog on Monday but I was not having enough patience for Monday so I have posted today only.

Thank you for reading this article.

Love you all…