Love to loathe!

Love is a journey of heartbreak, in which two people get on the boat of love in search of happiness and end up bearing unbearable sadness

My heart said “let’s fall in love again.” But my mind replied, “beware! Your efforts are again going in vain.”

I was confused between mind and heart then I decided to follow the path given by heart. I started sailing on that boat but deep inside I knew there can be storms anytime in this sea of love. It will make me fall from my boat.

I was sailing in my boat blindly and here those goons of betrayal and sadness stepped on my boat silently.

I was weak inside and I guess that’s why they thrown me aside. My feelings gotta go. And now I know love is the journey which can make me self loathe.

Thank you so much for reading this article. Love you all ♥️



Don’t be too serious !

I hope my people are good. So in our day to day lives don’t you think that we take everything so seriously. From our work till falling asleep.

You know why children are so happy and cheerful that’s because they don’t take everything so seriously. They keep on doing their tasks.

Stop taking everything so seriously people ! Life becomes tough. It’s a journey to be fully enjoyed even in your bad times you should be light. They are a part of our lives.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed not a race to be won.

Prakriti Verma

Thank you for reading this article.



Comeback !!

Heyy people ! What’s happening a big time yeah but I told you that I have a hell busy schedule.

If you forgot me so I will make you remember that I am Prakriti.

Sorry ! That I left. Actually I was continuously writing on some other platforms. I was lost.

In this time I suffered a lot. My work and exams are over now. I’m ready for the motivational posts again.

I will write with variety now. Okay Bharath be ready to guide me now 😂

So guys you can follow me on my official Instagram account. Yeah ! I would be socially more active now.

Love you all ❤️



It’s strenuous !!

I want to get away from myself,

I am dumbstruck,

In this heartless world

How people turn from their words

Thoughts wander around, mind dry and sore

You know I guess what

Love doesn’t love me anymore

I don’t know how to accept

But that’s what I choose to forget

I don’t want to hate myself

But in this scenario

I don’t get how to love myself

My heart is still worrying

But my mind is constantly saying that stop overthinking

How do I get rid of this feeling

When I already know,

I am constantly walking on the path of self loathing

Please stop ! I don’t wanna hate myself

I always try to explain my mind

And my mind replies,

It is hard to love yourself”

I am trying to accept

But deep down, I know my mind will reject

The feelings got to go

But now I wondered that

It’s myself that I loathe

My mind is constantly loathing

But now I know

The only way to live happily is by loving

I will discover myself again

And this time I know,

My effort will not go in vain.

Today I tried something new ! I tried to explain you that it is difficult to accept yourself and love yourself but at the end you have to do it.

This will take much effort but if you will overcome these barriers then you will get back your beautiful life.

That’s all be free to share your views and opinions.

Love you all ❤️



People come and People Go !

Heyy people what’s up. Hope you all are doing well. So here I am with another post. Not consistent but you all can understand that my schedule doesn’t allow. I will but after sometime.

As we are social beings so we interact with so many people in our day to day lives. Some are casual ones and some are special ones.

Special ones include your best friend, your partner, your family and maybe someone who shares a unique bond with you.

Now, we get attached to people. But once they leave, the major effect is on us. We get hurt. We keep hoping for that day when they will be back. But this happens in rare cases. Once people are gone they are gone. Only some will be back.

We are used to of their presence. One major thing that you should keep in mind is “People come and people go”

See there are so many beautiful souls around the world. You will meet endless of people in your life. Why to stick and regret on one. Just move on from them.

I know moving on is very difficult but not impossible. You can move on from someone. May it be anyone.

Now the question how we will. So there are different ways for everyone. Some people like me can move on by themselves without uttering a word to someone.

Some people need a help for moving on. But the process starts from spending time with yourself. Where you discover yourself, where you love yourself.

Start it now don’t stop your beautiful life because of someone. You deserve more better and more beautiful souls in your life. And they will come to you by themselves. But for that you have to move on from old ones and you have to write another beginning.

“People come and people go but you should always go with the flow.”

Haha ! Have you noticed I have made a rhyme here. I’m glad 😭

Jokes apart !!

Well, I just tried to inspire you to move on from different people. Hope you will understand.

You are free to share your views and opinions.

That’s all thank you for reading my article !

Love you all ❤️



Versatile Blogger Award !!!

Heyy people what’s up hope you are doing well. So today for the first time I have been nominated for this award.

And I’m so happy 😸😸 Oh ! Let’s come to the topic now !

So let’s take a moment to thank Manoj Mehra. Guys he is an excellent writer do follow his blog.

Rules :-

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you for this award.
  • Provide the link to the person’s blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.

7 facts about myself :-

  1. I like poetry and the stuff which has deep meanings.
  2. I am a foodie.
  3. I am usually a silent person.
  4. I am usually childish, but when a situation arises I can be really mature and understanding.
  5. I love winters.
  6. Hopefully sane 😂
  7. I love spending time with myself.

I know I am not posting anything regularly it’s because my schedule doesn’t allow me. But I promise I’ll be regular for sure after sometime.

That’s all thank you for reading my article.

Love you all ❤️



Sadness Sadness Everywhere !!!

Heyy people what’s up hope you all are doing well. What do you think about today’s topic, will it be full of depressing content ? Answer is “NO”.

So why I’ve written a title like this, because this is the today’s bitter truth. Sadness is occupying happiness like, “mass and volume occupies space”. Ok ok no science here !! But this can be an ideal example.

Guys people are loosing their happiness day by day because of so many things. Reasons for becoming sad are endless. Deep down we all are sad because of so many reasons.

You know why we are sad and depressed nowadays because we aren’t finding happiness in small small things. Now some people will come in the comment section and say “Easier said than done”.

I know it’s very tough to find happiness and I truly accept this fact. But how can we come to a conclusion without even trying. Guys almost all people have different situations, have different pressures.

Teenagers are sad because of their grades, failed relationships, pressures etc. Adults are sad because of job pressure, marriages, pressure to earn more, heartbreak etc.

In all this we have forgotten our happiness and we are diving in a sea of sadness. People, try to change your routes, try to change your directions and dive into the sea of happiness.

I’m not talking in a philosophical language I know the reasons, the pressures and I’m sad too because of them. What we all can do is to discover happiness in small things.

Now it’s all upon us from where and how can we find that. I can give an idea to you.

“Imagine there is a hot summer day and you are coming back home from your school and there’s immense heat and you are walking. It’s obvious you’ll feel thirsty you have taken out your water bottle and you found that there’s no drop to drink. Then after struggling from heat and thirst you finally reach your home. Your mother came and handed you a glass of water. Now that pleasure in a single glass of water makes you forget all your struggle and sadness.”

This is what we call, finding happiness in small small things. I know we are sad, I know we are depressed and I know things never workout as we want them to.

I just tried to inspire you to bring happiness in your lives. It’s all upon you how you can dive into a sea of happiness.

Start with loving yourself. The more you’ll love yourself the more you’ll be happier.

Happiness can be created by our own hands. Discover it as early as you can and make your life beautiful.


Let’s start with a Nomination – Sunshine blogger award !!!!

So hello people !! Hope you’re doing well. As you can see I’m back from a long break. And I was really missing you all. So now let’s start again with a nomination. Hope you guys remember me !!

Let’s take a moment to thank Ernest for nominating me for this award. This is my first nomination of Sunshine blogger Award.

Rules :-

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. List the rules and display an award logo on blog post.
  3. Answer the 11 questions
  4. Nominate 11 new blogs.
  5. Ask nominees 11 new questions.

So let’s move on to the questions..

1. What is the meaning of your name

Well, almost all the people know my name. If somebody doesn’t then I’ll tell again. My name is Prakriti. And meaning of my name is “nature”.

2. What is your country of birth


3. Do you believe in God

I believe in humanity. I’m not as strong believer 🙂

4. What is your religious affiliation.

Doesn’t matter, my friend 🙂

5. What is your weakness.

I’m not sure about it.

6. Are you a Republican or Democrat.

India is a democratic country 🙂

7. What do you prefer fiction or nonfiction.

I love both 🙂

8. What kinds of blogs inspires you.

Blogs which are related to poetry and all and which contain deep meanings. Moreover blogs which contain realistic stuff inspires me a lot !!

9. If you can change one thing in this world, what would that be.

I wanna change many things. But the answer to this question would be “restricted thinking of the people and our society”. Hope you have understood.

10. What would you like to see in a place called home.

Peace, happiness, comfort, and above all I should be present there 😂

11. What do you feel about recieving an award on WordPress.

I’m flattered. 😻😻

Now it’s the time for listing my nominees. My nominees are :-




Riya rajayyan

Dr. Nimish

Prashanti Alluri


Manoj Mehra

Now questions for my nominees :-

  • How do you maintain the blog and life balance.
  • What’s the question that people ask you after visiting your blog.
  • If you go back in time will you still start a blog despite being knowing the outcomes.
  • Are you a party animal.
  • What types of blogs do you prefer the most.
  • What is that particular thing, you have no problem splurging on.
  • For one day, if you became the world’s richest person what you’ll do.
  • If you get a power for one day to get rid of any vegetable or fruit you don’t like, which vegetable or fruit would be that.
  • Which is your favourite meme.
  • Books or movies.

So here it all ended thank you for reading my article. After a break of 1 month I was dying to write something.

Love you all… ♥️♥️


👆👆 My love☺️


See You Soon !!!🙃🙂

Heyy guys what’s up hope you are doing well. So it’s been 2 months since I’m blogging. I have written a lot of posts and you all have shown much love towards my posts. I have made a lot of friends here and those are exceptionally loving people. 🤗

So first of all thank you for showering so much of love and because of your support we will soon hit a 200 follows on my blog.

But now I think that it’s the time to take a break. I will miss you all for sure but I’ll be back soon with another doze of motivation for you all 😁😁.

Thank you for the love and support. I’ll see you soon. Till then just be happy and love yourself because you are unique there is no-one else like you. It’s your beautiful life make it as beautiful as you want.

I just love you all ♥️



BE HAPPY !!! 😃😃

So hello guys hope you are doing well. Today we will not talk about any special topic because I was thinking and thinking from past few days but I haven’t got any special topic to write about. So today we will take this simple yet an important topic.

So being happy doesn’t means that you are happy around so many people or you are happy because you are surfing the internet or may it be anything.

Being happy means that you are happy with yourself. You are happy alone. Now don’t get confused between the two words being alone and being lonely.

These words have a different meaning being alone with yourself doesn’t mean that you are lonely. Loneliness is that you are lonely from inside. It’s a sign of depression, stress or anxiety.

Being happy by yourself doesn’t mean that you are lonely. It means that you are practicing soltitude. We are surrounded by different types of people, different types of things in all that we just forget our own happiness.

Happiness is that which comes from inside. You should be confident and happy by yourself. Don’t depend on people or things to make you happy. Start practicing soltitude.

This will make you more calm, confident, responsible, creative and mature. If you aren’t perfect it’s good, be happy in that also. You can’t be perfect everytime and in everything.

Maturity comes when you take the responsibility of your own happiness rather than depending on the people or things.

So be happy always never ever spoil yourself because of anything because you are precious. Your life is precious. Love yourself and be happy by yourself.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you have understood. Be free to give your views.

Love you all…🧡🧡