It’s strenuous !!

I want to get away from myself,

I am dumbstruck,

In this heartless world

How people turn from their words

Thoughts wander around, mind dry and sore

You know I guess what

Love doesn’t love me anymore

I don’t know how to accept

But that’s what I choose to forget

I don’t want to hate myself

But in this scenario

I don’t get how to love myself

My heart is still worrying

But my mind is constantly saying that stop overthinking

How do I get rid of this feeling

When I already know,

I am constantly walking on the path of self loathing

Please stop ! I don’t wanna hate myself

I always try to explain my mind

And my mind replies,

It is hard to love yourself”

I am trying to accept

But deep down, I know my mind will reject

The feelings got to go

But now I wondered that

It’s myself that I loathe

My mind is constantly loathing

But now I know

The only way to live happily is by loving

I will discover myself again

And this time I know,

My effort will not go in vain.

Today I tried something new ! I tried to explain you that it is difficult to accept yourself and love yourself but at the end you have to do it.

This will take much effort but if you will overcome these barriers then you will get back your beautiful life.

That’s all be free to share your views and opinions.

Love you all ❤️



BE HAPPY !!! 😃😃

So hello guys hope you are doing well. Today we will not talk about any special topic because I was thinking and thinking from past few days but I haven’t got any special topic to write about. So today we will take this simple yet an important topic.

So being happy doesn’t means that you are happy around so many people or you are happy because you are surfing the internet or may it be anything.

Being happy means that you are happy with yourself. You are happy alone. Now don’t get confused between the two words being alone and being lonely.

These words have a different meaning being alone with yourself doesn’t mean that you are lonely. Loneliness is that you are lonely from inside. It’s a sign of depression, stress or anxiety.

Being happy by yourself doesn’t mean that you are lonely. It means that you are practicing soltitude. We are surrounded by different types of people, different types of things in all that we just forget our own happiness.

Happiness is that which comes from inside. You should be confident and happy by yourself. Don’t depend on people or things to make you happy. Start practicing soltitude.

This will make you more calm, confident, responsible, creative and mature. If you aren’t perfect it’s good, be happy in that also. You can’t be perfect everytime and in everything.

Maturity comes when you take the responsibility of your own happiness rather than depending on the people or things.

So be happy always never ever spoil yourself because of anything because you are precious. Your life is precious. Love yourself and be happy by yourself.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you have understood. Be free to give your views.

Love you all…🧡🧡



Optimistic + Realistic = Realistic optimist 💯✔✔

Optimism is a necessary thing. It gives us inspiration and confidence to run after our goals and aspirations. There are two ways to be an optimist :-

Unrealistic Optimist :- Believe that good things will just happen without any focus on how they will happen.

Realistic Optimist :- Believe in their power to make good things happen even through rough conditions.

Realistic optimists always approach to their dreams positively that they will come true. But they also believe that they have to make them happen. They ensures proper planning, hardwork with smart work, consistency, strategy and their priorities.

Basically they have believe in themselves and their preparation strengthens their trust more and more on themselves. They see the opportunity in every difficulty.

They are the people who know that they will make it happen but they also know that it is difficult, so then they plan about those difficulties and fight with them in a realistic and optimistic way.

Believing that the road to success will be rocky leads to a greater success because it forces you to take action.

– Heidi Grant, PhD

Now how can we be a realistic optimist

  1. Ensure what you have to do.
  2. Identify all the positive and negative sides and outcomes of your goals
  3. Plan accordingly
  4. Take an action and maintain your consistency
  5. Now focus on your goal and think positively and be confident in your strengths. Take your failures and mistakes positively and learn from them.

Guys so be a realistic optimist rather than being an unrealistic one. These were my views regarding optimism. I know the article is long but it can be useful for the people reading this.

Thank you for reading this article.

Love you all…



‘Regrets’ :- Just say them a big NO !!

I am sure you all have heard from your elder ones like “time flies” or “if I would have done this”etc. They keep on telling that once they were young and now they don’t know how time flies and they had become old.

You know that regrets kill us from inside. They desolate us and our present moment. There are many things which we think that we want to do, may it be a particular career, someone whom you want to ask out or anything.

But because of some reason we just skip that things maybe because of family pressure or it can be any type of pressure. But those regrets sojourn with us for the whole life.

Think hundred times and then act. Because that particular moment will never ever come back to you again.

I know regrets are there in our lives. Everyone have different types of experiences and so the regrets associated with them.

But we can’t do anything, what we can do is just to abide them. Yes if you want to get rid of them then you have to accept it. Acceptance is the key.

Learn from your regrets and try to focus on the present moment so that you can enjoy your future without any regrets.

So these were my views regarding regrets. I have written this because I too regret for many mistakes that I’ve made in my past and I just wanted to share it with you all, that don’t stick to it, firstly just try to enjoy each and every thing so that you don’t have future regrets and secondly if you have, then just abide them and learn from it.

Be free to give your views.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

Love you all…



It’s Your Life !!!

So do you know what life is, scientifically it means period from childhood to death. But is life that simple and solved. Nope it’s damn hard, I hope you all have experienced many ups and downs in your lives.

We all have different experiences some might be so beautiful and some might be as worse that we couldn’t swallow them. But regardless of all these things it’s our life.

And we only can decide what we have to take from it and what we have to let go. If you think that your life is not good then just have a look around yourself, and see those people who are handicapped, people who are fighting from harsh conditions.

In front of them don’t you think we are damn lucky. Guys life is not like a straight line, it is a path containing so many curves.

The feeling of never stop in any situation of life is damn necessary, you should have a burning fire in yourself !!!

Live, learn and leave the things which are not as necessary and just move on.

Make your dreams your besties, make your life your true love, and never ever leave the hand of this moment”.

Guys love your life you will not get it again never ever ruin it because of difficult circumstances. I hope you all are getting my words. It’s your life make it as you want, it all depends on you how beautiful you can make it.

Thank you so much for reading this article.

Love you all…