TRUE FRIENDSHIP:- a bond that connects heart to heart

So first of all a very happy friendship day to all my readers. So as today everyone is posting about friends so I thought I should also.

But the thing is I have never experienced friendship . Really guys really I have never experienced that cute and silly relationship.

And I regret only about this thing. But as today is the day of true friends so I will tell you about my opinion of true friendship.

Friendship is a bond between two people. It is the only relation where you can share everything without any hesitation and the person understands you.

A true friend sees the pain behind your cheerful smile. Friends are very important in a person’s life. Without friends life is like “A pen without ink.”

True friendship is that when “your friend sees you as a good egg but he knows that you are cracked.”

They often fight . Not often they fight everytime but when a problem comes they stand for each other.

The roots of true friendship are built on trust , love , care and fights.

True friendships are not about who you have known the longest its about who came into your life and said that “I am here.”

You know one of the hardest things to find in this world are true love and true friends.

Guys I literally became very emotional while writing this. But guys I am sure that you all must be having friends , so do love them and build a trust in your friendship.

So guys once again happy friendship day to you all…

Thank you so much for reading this article



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